Terms and conditions

This document contains the general terms and conditions Filwise S.L. has created for their partners who wish to spread advertisements through the Filwise network. This is a legally binding document between Filwise S.L. and the publisher/affiliate.

These terms and conditions are made available on the website of Filwise and on their tracking platform for which the publisher/affiliate will receive an access code. The publisher/affiliate automatically acknowledges that they will comply and agree with these terms and conditions when they sign up for Filwise services and when promoting Filwise advertisements.


Filwise S.L. – owner of the network

Publisher or affiliate – Person, entity or company with access to visitors in a database or through a web portal

Advertiser – Advertisement partners of Filwise S.L.

User – Consumer or business to which the publisher shows advertisements

Advertsements – Advertisement campaigns made available by Filwise

Conversion – Lead, sale, action or click generated by publisher

Disapproved conversion – Leads, sale, action or click considered not valid by the Filwise advertiser

Services performed by Publisher:

Publisher will display the Advertisement and perform lead and/or sale generation services

Services performed by Filwise:

Filwise will create, organize and offer specific advertisement campaigns to be used by the publisher

Filwise will pay the publisher per conversion. Details on remuneration can be found in the description of each campaign in the Filwise platform

Filwise will report the validated conversions to the publisher and request an invoice for the total amount, the payment term and method will be discussed by the parties at the start of the collaboration


Filwise reserves the right to disapprove conversions made the publisher if the conversion does not meet the criteria set by Filwise and/or their advertiser(s).

Conversions are approved after the advertiser has paid Filwise

Should one of Filwise advertisers go bankrupt or is unable to pay to Filwise, all the open conversions from this specific advertiser will be disapproved and won´t be paid to the publisher

The publisher agrees that Filwise may at any time put their account on hold and withhold and cancel all open amounts and payments if fraude is suspected, Filwise is not obligated to re-open the account nor pay any commission to the publisher if they have committed fraude, willingly or unwillingly

Fraudulent behavior can be but is not limited to, clickbots, automated clickservers, false leads or sales, automated software and spoofing.

Obligations of the publisher:

The publisher will use only means of advertising that are allowed by law in both the country they are based in, as the country where they are targeting their advertisements

The publisher will only target users that have given consent to the publisher to receive their advertisements

In the case of email marketing the publisher explicitly agrees to use only databases containing users that have consented to receiving advertisements, consent is only valid if:

The consent is given willingly

The page where the consent is given is clear about what kind of advertisements the user will receive and how frequent (it cannot be hidden in the terms and conditions and must be in plain sight)

The consent tick box may not be pre-ticked, the user has to do this himself

The publisher must reveal their identity on the page where the user subscribes

The publisher commits to ensure that any user who wants to oppose to receiving advertisements can do so and that this will be done in a timely manner

The publisher agrees not to alter, modify or change in any way the promotion material available in the platform of Filwise.

The publisher will not use Filwise promotion materials for any other purpose than instructed, it is not allowed to copy the materials in any way for personal use or use with advertisers outside of the Filwise network

The publisher agrees to read the description of each campaign and specifically follow the instructions for advertising, not using any of the prohibited methods of advertising and targeting only the demographic of users specified

In any situation where these terms and conditions do not cover the dispute, the Filwise directors will decide on the outcome.